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Caregiver Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Assisted living and nursing care facilities have been closed to visitors – including even the closest family members. And many seniors who live at home are relying on family to supply their needs, while keeping an appropriate distance. How can you keep your loved one engaged and not socially isolated during the Conoravirus outbreak? This article from the AARP provides seven creative ideas to help seniors keep a positive attitude during these unusual times:

7 Ways to Boost Your Loved One's Morale

Take A Virtual Trip

While you and your loved one cannot get out and about, many interesting places can be visited ONLINE!

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Founded in 1929, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in midtown Manhattan was the first museum devoted to the modern era. Today MoMA’s rich and varied collection offers a panoramic overview of modern and contemporary art, from the innovative European painting and sculpture of the 1880s to today's film, design, and performance art. You can view many items in the museum's vast collection, with options to "love," share and even "view in street view" so it looks like you're actually in the museum! Visit now...

The Louvre in Paris, France

Virtually visit the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries, enjoying a 360° view of this extraordinary site. From Rembrandt to Egyptian antiquities, you can see them now...

Hubble Telescope Control Center

Take a virtual tour of the Hubble Space Telescope’s home for mission operations, the Space Telescope Operations Control Center (STOCC) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Begin in the lobby to learn about the orbiting spacecraft. Visit the Mission Operations Room, where the flight operators command and monitor Hubble. Step into the Operations Support Room, where the flight team investigates spacecraft anomalies and verifies new procedures. Then explore the exhibit hallway to view hardware that once flew in space aboard Hubble as well as tools that astronauts used to repair and upgrade the observatory. Visit NASA now...

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